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Learn About LIFT Wisconsin’s innovative technology that helps people resolve their civil legal issues and improves their financial health.


Who We Are

Capitalizing on over 100 years of combined experience of our partner organizations, LIFT Wisconsin is a collaboration between the Economic Justice Institute, Inc., Legal Action of Wisconsin, the UW Law School’s civil legal clinics, the Center for Patient Partnerships, and the Employment And Training Association (EATA). We are partnering with Ascendium and Lawyers for Learners to expand our reach.

The mission of LIFT Wisconsin is to provide efficient, technology driven legal assistance to clear civil legal barriers to economic prosperity for Wisconsin families, to transform legal and court systems to prevent economic drags, and to contribute to national reform movements to improve access to civil legal justice.
Learn More About Our Team

LIFT Dane is now LIFT Wisconsin and expanding services in Wisconsin. Expanding will allow us to offer help to more people in Wisconsin, including online criminal and eviction record removal, employment and training assistance, and coming soon: help with child support orders and driver’s license problems.

Building our LIFT Wisconsin Network

LIFT Wisconsin invites other organizations across the state to help increase prosperity for Wisconsin residents by removing legal and economic barriers through working with LIFT to expand services.

If you would like to join us in providing similar services in your area, send us a message.


Legal Tune Up Tool

This innovative tool helps people conveniently check on their civil legal problems right from a browser on their smartphone or computer.

The Legal Tune Up can help search, identify, and remove eligible Department of Justice Criminal Records (WORCS system) and State of Wisconsin Circuit Court Criminal and Eviction Records (CCAP system).

LIFT Wisconsin is a joint venture created by several local non-profit organizations

LIFT Wisconsin is a collaboration created by several local non-profit organizations to help increase economic prosperity and social justice for Wisconsin residents by removing legal barriers.  
Comprehensive Services
Our comprehensive services include free legal help for removing eligible criminal records and dismissed eviction records, as well as assisting with driver’s license reinstatement, employment and training, child support issues, and healthcare debt problems.
Innovative Technology
LIFT Wisconsin is a unique social justice organization, creating innovative technology with our new web-based Legal Tune Up tool, and currently hosting virtual clinics where our volunteer attorneys resolve clients’ civil legal problems.

The Problems: What Needs to be Addressed

Approximately 70,000 Dane County residents have civil legal problems.
Unresolved legal issues can cause financial instability and reduce earnings, primarily affecting low-income people of color and women.
Removing eligible criminal records and dismissed eviction cases can protect you and your family.
“Outdated or incorrect arrest or eviction information on the State of Wisconsin’s online record systems - CCAP (Consolidated Court Automation Programs) and WORCS (Department of Justice’s Wisconsin Online Record CheckSystem), can allow landlords and employers to possibly discriminate against people based on inaccurate information.
More than 250,000 Wisconsin driver’s licenses are suspended each year.
The loss of a driver’s license can prevent people from getting to their jobs, looking for new employment opportunities outside the metro transit system, taking their children to school or daycare, and getting proper medical attention.
Without legal help, many people do not know their problems are legal problems with legal solutions.
Most low-income people who go to court are not represented by an attorney and may well lack the ability to navigate the legal system (which was set up for lawyers).

LIFT Wisconsin's Solutions

Driver’s License Legal Clinics
LIFT Wisconsin is currently scheduling private video or phone conferences for people to receive free legal advice from an attorney regarding driver’s license reinstatement or other suspension issues.
Legal Tune Up Tool
LIFT Wisconsin has launched its newest features of the Legal Tune Up tool: removing eligible criminal records add removing previously dismissed eviction records from CCAP (Consolidated Court Automation Programs) and removing eligible arrest records from WORCS (the Department of Justice Wisconsin Online Record Check Systems).
Increased Access to Justice
LIFT Wisconsin’s solutions will significantly increase access to justice and improve the systems that have created and entrenched racial and social legal inequities across our communities.