Legal Tune Up Tool

A revolutionary tool that helps you understand your legal needs and matches you to help.

Online Legal Tune Up for Smartphones and Computers

The Legal Tune Up can make it easy to identify and clear civil legal problems on your own, or with help from trusted professionals.

Accesses public data to assist users with resolving civil legal issues

Guides users step-by-step through the online process

Auto-fills legal forms for court filings

Enables e-signing and offers a convenient built-in mailing feature

Directs people to the legal and employment services they may need or want

Get tips to help with all types of driver’s license problems

Remove Eligible Records from Wisconsin’s Legal Records Systems

Background Checks

The Legal Tune Up helps remove eligible records from the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Wisconsin Online Record Check System (WORCS).
Background Check record removal
Criminal Records
The Legal Tune Up can also search the Wisconsin Circuit Courts’ online public records database known as Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP) to identify and remove eligible criminal records.
CCAP Criminal record removal
Eviction Records
The Legal Tune Up helps remove eligible eviction records from CCAP.
CCAP Eviction record removal
Driver's License Reinstatement
Search the DOT’s reinstatement database to find the reason for your suspension or revocation.
Driver's License Reinstatement

Ensure children get the child support they need

     LegalTuneUp tool makes it easy to change child support orders. Child support helps kids and families live a better life. For your own protection, it is necessary to have a child support order formally changed by a judge or court commissioner. The amount of child support that a parent owes was originally determined using the parent’s income and financial assets and obligations based on reports provided at that time.
However, circumstances do change. In fact, this can happen many times over the years that a parent is paying child support. Remember, it is far better to request a modification due to changed circumstances than to fail to pay child support.
     By using Wisconsin's Child Support Online System (CSOS) to analyze a child support order, LegalTuneUp can help figure out what the child support guidelines show and walk the user through the process of filing a motion to change the child support order.
health advocacy image

Free referral to health advocacy services

Now available within the LegalTuneUp tool, you can fill out a referral form to our ally organization, the Center for Patient Partnerships, for health advocacy. If you are facing a health scare, patient advocacy services include:
Help to find a provider
Insurance appeals
Support in navigating complicated health issues
Connection to other social needs like housing, food, and employment issues

Future Legal Tune Up Features

When fully built out, the Legal Tune Up will connect participants to legal services and to programs and community resources to facilitate better jobs, housing, and healthcare.

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