Eyeing Equity, Dane County Subcommittee Suggests Waiving Court Fees

August 26, 2021


By Abigail Becker, August 25, 2021

Filing fees. Costs for crime lab work. Paying for copies, name changes and mediation sessions. 

As people move through Dave County’s court system, they are assessed many different fines and fees. A Dane County subcommittee spent a year studying how people in the criminal justice, civil justice and human services systems are charged, and offered 11 recommendations to reduce or eliminate the effects of fines and fees on residents.  

“We took the philosophy that eliminating and reducing fines and fees when appropriate to reduce that burden is a betterment for Dane County and our citizens,” said Supervisor Carousel Bayrd, District 8.  

The subcommittee finalized its recommendations with a unanimous vote earlier this month. On Tuesday, Bayrd presented the report to the Public Protection & Judiciary Committee. She also plans to share the findings with the Health & Human Needs Committee. 

“The ball is back in the hands of the elected officials,” Bayrd said, noting she plans to bring proposals to enact the recommendations.  

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