Interview with Nicole Bradick - CEO & Founder of Theory and Principle, a legal tech product design & development firm

May 2, 2021

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Interview by J. Stephen Poor

Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

For the last few years, legal technology has seen an incredible boom, as more and more companies and entrepreneurs enter the space. Today’s guest, Nicole Bradick, comes from this world. Nicole is the CEO and founder of Theory and Principle, a technology product design and development firm for the legal industry. Like many of our guests, Nicole has had a fascinating journey from former litigator to three-time legal technology entrepreneur. Listen in as Steve and Nicole discuss why and how Nicole transitioned from the courtroom to legal tech founder, get her take on the most critical skill for founders, and how small risks can reap big rewards.

About Theory and Principle

Theory and Principle is the premier product design and development firm for the legal industry. T&P’s designers, developers, strategists, and product managers have deep knowledge in both legal technology and the possibilities of emerging technologies. Together, they have built some of the most highly acclaimed digital products in the legal industry in recent years, and are proud to be 100% woman-owned. Theory and Principle has been engaged by clients globally to improve the delivery of legal services, the justice system, lawyer efficiency, legal education, and access to justice for all.  They work with clients who are moved to innovate and build a better system.

LIFT Dane note: Theory and Principle, based in Portland, Maine was selected to design the online LIFT Dane Legal Tune Up.