LIFT Dane Awarded CUNA Mutual Group Foundation Grant

May 2, 2021

LIFT Dane and the Economic Justice institute, Inc. are proud to announce a major grant award of $171,000 from the CUNA Mutual Group Foundation for LIFT’s driver’s license reinstatement work. 

LIFT Dane’s focus is on removing legal barriers to prosperity by improving employment and economic stability. One of the major barriers people face is a suspended driver’s license due to traffic violations, unpaid fines, or not even knowing that their license has been suspended. Without a valid driver’s license, many people living in Dane County cannot get to work to maintain a job or even take their children to school.

With CUNA’s valuable financial contribution, LIFT Dane will continue developing its innovative Legal Tune Up technology. A forthcoming feature of the online app will allow people to review their actual driving record from a smartphone or computer, and provide guidance on the next steps to take to reinstate one’s license.

Once a person has their license fully restored, they can get to work more easily or look for a better job, access educational opportunities, and provide better support for themselves and their families.

LIFT Dane sincerely thanks the CUNA Mutual Group Foundation for their exceptional on-going support of LIFT’s community-based efforts to increase the financial well-being of Dane County’s residents.

Please watch for updates as we work to expand the self-help tools in the Legal Tune Up app. You or your organization can also contribute to our ongoing technology development work by donating through the LIFT Dane website:

We receive support and funding under the 501(c)(3) status of the Economic Justice Institute, Inc.

To learn more about the Legal Tune Up’s current features for removing eligible criminal records or old eviction records in Wisconsin, please go to: