LIFT Dane Launches Free Legal Tune Up Tool

May 2, 2021

Press Release

LIFT Dane™ Launches Free Legal Tune Up Tool

New Tool helps Wisconsin residents proactively find and resolve legal issues through use of public data.

Madison, Wisconsin—November 9, 2020—LIFT Dane™, a joint venture created to improve the financial well-being of Dane County residents, announces the launch of its free web-based tool, the Legal Tune Up. The new tool is a unique offering because it allows Wisconsin residents the ability to access publicly available data to identify legal issues that they might not even be aware of, and automates the resolution of those issues on their own, or with help from trusted professionals.

With this announcement, LIFT Dane Director Marsha Mansfield explained, “We are very excited to launch the first features of the Legal Tune Up. Users will be able to see if they have old eviction and criminal records on Wisconsin’s online public records database, Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP) that are eligible for removal, and the tool will automate creation and filing of the appropriate paperwork with the court. It also will allow users to apply for free employment and training services.” 

The impact of removing old or incorrect records is substantiated by University of Michigan law school research recently published by the Harvard Law Review. The study found that people who have eligible records removed experience a 23% increase in income within a year. This means more resources directed towards families and communities, and a broader tax base, without any negative impact on public safety. 

Our country faces a Civil Legal Justice crisis – too many people are unable to get basic legal issues resolved that end up being barriers to health and economic stability. Technology solutions like LIFT Dane’s Legal Tune Up are key to ending this crisis.

Legal Tune Up is a web app that works in a web browser on a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access.

The Legal Tune Up can be accessed at:

The tool will:

•      Access public data to identify and assist users to clear eligible records

•      Auto-fill legal forms for court filings

•      Direct people to the free legal services they may need 

Upcoming tool features will include the ability to identify and resolve issues related to driver’s license suspensions and child support orders. Additionally, the Legal Tune Up will connect users to programs and community resources to facilitate better jobs, housing, and healthcare. In 2021, LIFT Dane will expand its reach to Racine. 

Theory and Principle, a legal technology product design and development firm based in Portland, Maine designed and built the Legal Tune Up tool.

About LIFT Dane

LIFT Dane, a pioneering social justice initiative, is a collaboration of the Economic Justice Institute, Inc., University of Wisconsin Law School’s civil legal clinics, Center for Patient Partnerships, Legal Action of Wisconsin, and the Employment and Training Association of Dane County.

LIFT received the top award in last year’s inaugural Alliance for the American Dream competition, with the goal to increase shared prosperity and stabilize and expand the middle class. The award is funded by Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative co-founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt.


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Marsha Mansfield, JD

Director,LIFT Dane™


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