LIFT Dane Launches Legal Tune Up to Provide Legal Assistance to Clear Civil Legal Barriers

August 24, 2021

Madison 365

By Angelica Euseary

May 28, 2021

LIFT Dane has come out with a new legal intervention for transforming Dane County. The Legal Tune Up Tool is a free, automated tool to help people clean their criminal records and provide them access to new opportunities.  

“It’s a new tool, an automated tool, that people can use to clear criminal records that are eligible for removal,” Marsha Mansfield, director of LIFT Dane and LIFT Wisconsin. “So, there are records where people have been arrested, but not charged. Or charged and cases have been dismissed, or even acquitted after a case and found not guilty. Those are all records that are eligible to be removed from the criminal history repository. And we have designed an online tool so that people can easily fill out the request that you have to make with the Department of Justice to get those records removed.”

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