New Tech Tool Aims To Remove Legal Barriers; Expansion To Racine Planned

August 24, 2021

by Paul Holley June 11th, 2021

MADISON – Legal Tune-Up, a new, mobile-friendly technology tool is now available to help Wisconsin residents overcome barriers caused by criminal and eviction records.

“This is an innovative and ground-breaking idea. Nobody else in the country is doing this,” says Marsha Mansfield, director of LIFT Wisconsin, the not-for-profit organization behind the app.

Legal Tune Up was created to help individuals, who have criminal records, obtain or improve their employment or housing opportunities. Employers or landlords often check criminal records, including arrests and convictions, in making hiring or housing decisions. While finding trustworthy responsible individuals is desirable, those who have past minor offenses or dismissed charges often find themselves quickly weeded out.

How The Legal Tune Up App Works

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